The 14th annual DHL Life Sciences & Healthcare Global Conference will take place in Shanghai on June 11-12, 2014.

Our industry is constantly changing, and is encountering multiple challenges including cost pressure, regulatory demands, and entering new markets – so transformation is essential. That's why the theme this year is ‘Transform to Win'.

What do challenges such as these mean for LSHC companies? What are the best alternative supply chain strategies? How can LSHC companies manage more efficiently? How can they achieve / maintain regulatory compliance? And how do they know that are ready to grow?

By attending this event, you’ll gain deeper insight into these questions, and explore how to ‘Transform to Win’.

You will be able to “listen and learn” from various presentations, and “exchange and engage” in several of the 21 different workshops. You can visit the supplier and DHL exhibits, meet industry peers, and engage with many other industry experts. Don’t miss the chance to have your voice heard!

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Published: February 2014