About 90 guests gathered in Troisdorf for a full day of presentations around the theme “Using Innovative Technologies for Supply Chain Risk Management” and to witness the official handover of the “Land of Ideas” award to Bill Meahl, CCO DHL, and Tobias Larsson, Head of Resilience360, DHL Customer Solutions & Innovation.

“We are delighted to receive the award for our Resilience360 solution,” said Larsson. “Our extensive logistics expertise enables us to provide our customers with a risk-management tool that helps them to identify disruptions in their supply chains and react immediately to avoid negative impacts on their business. Having alternative strategies at hand, companies can respond quickly and effectively and continue to serve their customers.”

The award ceremony was part of the "Resilience in the Land of Ideas" risk management conference held at the home of the R360 team, the DHL Innovation Center in Troisdorf, Germany. In a packed program of engaging presentations, a line-up of supply chain and security experts from inside and outside DPDHL Group shared their experience and best practices and offered their own insights into the topic of risk management.

DPDHL Group Chief Commercial Officer Bill Meahl joined Tobias Larsson to open the proceedings and welcome the attendees. Meahl talked about the importance of innovation in the supply chain and expressed his commitment to supply chain risk management and to DHL R360, support that Larsson said had been key to the success of Resilience360.

They were followed by Peter Schonefeld, Head of Supply Chain Management at Schmitz Cargobull, a German trailer manufacturer.

During his presentation, Schonefeld noted how the Resilience360 tool allows better visibility of the company’s end-to-end supply chain. “We are now aiming to expand this to our first-tier suppliers and our outbound supply chains,” he explained. “By integrating the Incident Monitoring functionality into our supply and delivery processes, we are able to anticipate events and avoid disruptions. This gives us the ability to book alternative resources before the competition does in order to make the delivery of our customer order safe.”

Further speakers included Wolfgang Engel, of process assessment group DQS, who spoke about how certification contributes to driving resilience, and DHL’s Markus Kückelhaus, Vice President Research & Development, who described trends in the future of logistics and how they are analyzed. Frank Ewald and Lana Djurkin-Koenig of DPDHL’s Corporate Security department emphasized how vital security management is in a company’s supply chain. Professor Huth of the Fulda University of Applied Sciences presented various case studies on the return on investments in supply chain risk management.

Sharing ideas during a round-table discussion: (from left to right) Lana Djurkin-Koenig, Melanie Irons and Peter Schonefeld

Published: September 2015

Photos: DHL