Which steps has Dubai taken in order to provide a good environment for businesses?

Dubai evolved into a regional gateway and eventually into a global hub on account of its spirit of enterprise and sustained investments in creating a world-class infrastructure. Today, Dubai represents a competitive business ecosystem providing unparalleled connectivity, particularly to high-growth markets in the Middle East, Africa, Indian Subcontinent and CIS. It’s one of the best places to start an enterprise and grow it into a global business. Over 95 per cent of the businesses in Dubai are SMEs. The city is on course to be a Smart City and the happiest in the world, which has seen innovative technologies being integrated and for quality and efficiency across services in the public and private sectors alike. Improved connectivity and ambitious initiatives, including the Expo Dubai 2020, have opened up unprecedented opportunities for businesses of all sizes across the world to establish their presence in Dubai.

Is there anything Dubai can offer that other cities can’t?

The connectivity and ease of business Dubai offers while strategically located between the East and the West set the city apart among business hubs. Government policy is focused on enabling investors and businesses to move to Dubai without hassles and hit the ground the running, as well as expand to new markets overseas.

Let’s imagine a little. How would Dubai look like without the influence of globalization?

Dubai had started to evolve into a transit route and distribution point for global trade much before globalization started unfolding. Over the years Dubai as a supply chain hub has reinforced globalization and vice versa. Experience says in a world devoid of the influence of globalization, Dubai would still be pioneering the concept of a connected world.


Meribel Sinikalda

Published: June 2017

Image: DHL