Truck driving is not a job. It’s a lifestyle – the perfect mix of challenge and freedom. I’ve been driving trucks since 2000 and I’ve worked for DHL since 2005.

There are always issues to overcome in this business – the weather, difficult traffic or problems with equipment – and only long-distance truckers really know what it’s like to be lonely, because Finland is a sparsely populated country. The upside is you can meet and make some very good friends on the road. When I’m driving, country music and good old rock ’n’ roll always get me in a good mood. My vehicle, usually with a 48-ton DHL semitrailer, is easy to spot. I’ve got lights plastered across the front of the rig and there are scenes from the Pixar movie Cars on the doors, designed by Finnish artist Simo Riikonen. Why Cars? Well, I’m a big fan of movies and autoracing and the story of McQueen, the main character in the movie, is a like a carbon copy of my life!

I like comfort, too, so I’ve turned the interior into a luxury living room, with leather seats, soft lighting, a table, curtains on the windows and decorative stitched leatherwork on the floor and walls. I did the design myself. I haven’t customized my rig to “stand out” because the “showtruck” scene is so big in Scandinavia and there are lots of cool trucks on the roads. But, of course, it’s nice to go in style!  

Published: May 2017

Image: DHL