1. Why is Africa’s renewable energy sector so exciting today?

The recent growth in the industry has been quite extraordinary. We’ve seen big new wind energy investments in South Africa and Kenya. There are a number of major new hydroelectric projects under discussion. And solar power projects are underway right across the continent, from large grid-connected facilities to a plethora of entrepreneurs offering small-scale off-grid or mini-grid systems for groups of homes and businesses.

2. What does the growth of renewables mean for logistics in the energy sector?

We are a seeing a significant shift in demand. In part that’s because renewables are growing just as the low oil price has caused a slowdown in more traditional energy sector activities, like offshore oil and gas exploration. But it’s also because renewables have very different, and diverse, logistics requirements. They range from the specialist skills and assets you need to move large wind turbines to remote sites, to the challenge of distributing small-scale solar systems to hundreds of thousands of individual consumers.

3. How is DHL addressing those logistics challenges?

We have all the building blocks in place. That includes extensive experience in project logistics in Africa, and specialized wind and solar energy logistics capabilities that we have developed and refined in projects all over the world. Critically, we also have strong business-to-consumer capabilities through our Express network. Today we are working closely with a wide range of energy stakeholders to develop the logistics service offering they need to address Africa’s unique energy opportunities.

Published: September 2017

Images: DHL