Cyber Monday has come to mark the beginning of the e-commerce holiday season in the U.S. and Canada. Though the official day is not until November 27th this year, online retailers have been preparing many months in advance for this annual digital shopping frenzy.

Adobe Analytics estimates Cyber Monday 2017 to attract $6.6 Billion in online sales, a 16% increase from the previous year. Though second to the behemoth Singles’ Day in China which amassed $25 Billion of sales in 24-hours earlier this month, this year’s Cyber Monday blow-out will nonetheless represent another watershed moment in online retail.

Of particular note, sales traffic for Cyber Monday from mobile phones and tablets will for the first the time exceed desktop devices.

Evolving consumer habits means e-tailers and logistics providers need to stay on the ball and constantly develop new strategies to meet shifting online shopping demands for ever faster and more convenient delivery. From drones to robots and anticipatory shipping: discover some of the latest e-commerce trends and solutions in our selection of Delivered. articles.

Suited to your taste

Omni-channel strategies are leading prominent online retailers, including Amazon, to revisit traditional brick-and-mortar options. Men’s apparel leader Indochino, ranked among the Top 500 in the Internet Retailer’s 2016 Guide, has opened a range of physical stores – and is set to launch even more.

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Little giants

Autonomous vehicles are being tested to offer increased delivery speeds to digital shoppers. Take the robot designed by Starship Technologies, a start-up by the founders of Skype, for example. These self-driving and diminutive robots are designed precisely to optimize delivery times during the final stretch of a parcel’s delivery. Big enough for just two shopping bags, the machines proved adept in initial trials and managed to successfully handle encounters with 300,000 human customers.  

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Subscription boxes

Sales of box schemes, such as those by Birchbox and Dollar Shave Club are skyrocketing across the United States. A trend which first started in 2010, subscription box schemes have since grown in popularity and variety. Though still perhaps a niche business, consumer analytics company Connexity reports that some 24.1 million visits to companies such as Birchbox in January 2016—a  3,000% increase in just three years!

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Only a world away

The demand for full transparency in the e-commerce sector has changed the experience of buying online. Customers scour all marketplaces to ensure they find the right item from a vendor best equipped to deliver it to them right away. The surplus of shopping channels is thus forcing retailers to know more than ever where their goods are in the supply chain, whether in a regional warehouse or in the nearest stores. Rather than large warehouses serving wide areas, “anticipatory logistics” is behind juggernauts like Amazon’s decision to create a warehouse inside a midtown Manhattan office tower simply to quicken the delivery of goods to regional customers.

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Published: November 2017

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