Considered one of the world’s greatest innovators, the genius of Leonardo Da Vinci is being celebrated around the world with World Creativity and Innovation Week, an event slated to coincide around the birthday of the man many historians and scholars deem a “Universal Genius” and “Renaissance Man.”

It is a perfect time to celebrate the beauty of original thinking, and revisit several stories of innovations and their captivating creators profiled in Delivered. magazine.

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Gordon Cheng

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Professor Gordon Cheng's boundless curiosity for new applications of technology has improved the lives of humans in very real ways. Cheng’s breakthroughs in the fields of computational neuroscience and humanoid robotics—robots that take human form—have made it possible for sufferers of spinal cord injuries and many neurological conditions to interact again with their environments via robotic body suits controlled by the mind. “If what we do here could have a positive effect on 20 million people around the world,” Cheng says about his work as founder and director of the Institute of Cognitive Systems in Munich. “Then that would be the most wonderful thing.”


Anne Gross

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When design student Anne Gross set out to create the Air Parcel, an inflatable and reusable parcel both lightweight and durable enough to protect goods during shipping, she sought to first consider everything from the perspective of the end user and the environment. What resulted was a successful merging of sustainable and practical design—and an item which won over the crowd of over 200 logistics professionals when unveiled at the 2016 DHL’s Innovation Challenge. The Air Parcel is now a proof of concept with DHL, and all necessary steps are underway to launch it into a pilot phase.

Charles Bombardier

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Vulnerability is at the heart of any brave innovation, and even the greatest ideas are likely to be challenged. Charles Bombardier, an R&D leader at Bombardier Inc. (the aerospace and transportation giant created by his grandfather), nevertheless embraces any and all feedback in order to advance new product designs. “I want to know: do you like the idea? Is it good? Stupid? Workable?,” says Bombardier. In his view, if you don’t stay the course with a new idea, then nothing can actually get done.

For examples also of DPDHL Group’s involvement in innovation topics, read the 2017 Corporate Responsibility Report—“Dedicated to Shared Values."

Published: April 2018

Images: Andreas Heddergott / TU Muenchen; PR; Wake Forest Institute for Regenerative Medicine; Thinkstock