It is known as the “people’s day,” and this year’s event will see countries and communities across the world activate diverse nationally and locally-based environmental projects to support.

In an effort to particularly highlight the immense ecological dangers of plastic waste, “Beat Plastic Pollution” has been named by organizers as the theme of World Environment Day 2018.

“If you can’t reuse it, refuse it!” is the tagline of the UN’s #WorldEnvironmentDay and #BeatPlasticPollution global awareness campaign.

To help promote the UN’s activities, Delivered. invites you to revisit some great stories on businesses and individuals dedicated to environmentally sustainable practices.

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Sense and Sustainability

Dr. Kirstie McIntyre, Global Director for HP Inc.’s sustainability operations and an early pioneer in green supply chains, is advancing ambitious conservation goals across the globe. With ideas rooted in the circular economy, HP Inc.’s products are made for re-use and designed to last multiple life cycles. One focus area of the tech giant’s attempt to break the so-called “material loop” can be found in Haiti where HP Inc. aims to incorporate the country into its global plan to recycle 1.2 million metric tons of hardware and supplies by 2025, and wishes to achieve zero deforestation resulting from its paper-based products and packaging by 2020

On the Road to a Zero Emissions Future

Preserving the environment needs powerful role models in every industry, and Deutsche Post DHL Group has committed itself to developing bold yet necessary sustainability standards for logistics. Prof. Dr. Christof Ehrhart, Head of Corporate Communications and Responsibility at Deutsche Post DHL Group explains the fundamentals and thinking behind the Group’s bold “Mission 2050”.

Turning Trash into Treasure

According to the World Energy Council’s 2016 report “Waste to Energy,” OECD countries lead in amounts of solid waste created each day by residents and account for approximately half of the world’s urban waste. Thankfully many companies are now seeing the fault in the “take, make, waste” ethos of linear production and consumption, and are looking to up-cycle their waste into a bona fide resource. But how do you turn that trash into treasure?

Delivered. navigates the circular
economy with...Dame Ellen MacArthur

Meet an early forerunner of the Circular Economy concept: Olympic sailor Ellen MacArthur, who discovered the practical benefits of the circular economy early in her stellar career. After concluding that the global economy is entirely dependent on finite resources, she established the Ellen MacArthur Foundation in 2010 to accelerate the transition to the circular economy. The Foundation is, among other things, now leading an initiative to redefine global systems of plastic design and usage as part of a New Plastics Economy.

Published: June 2018

Image: Thinkstock