Ah, cats – our beloved feline friends who amuse and delight, and are just downright cuddly and cute. It is no wonder then that there are around 500 million domestic cats around the globe. For those cat lovers who don’t own a cat, there is always the web, where cat images and videos hold the rank of most watched content online.

On the occasion of International Cat Day (celebrated annually on August 8), Delivered. discovers the top trends for cats, and looks at how e-commerce and the Internet of Things are taking hold even in the feline kingdom.

High tech for cool cats

The Internet of Things (IoT) is all around us, so it comes as little surprise that there are a number of gadgets on the market to help keep kitty happy. Take, for example, the Petzi CatCam. Petzi’s companion app lets owners keep a watchful eye on their cats while they are away, and allows them to speak to their precious pets and even dish out treats remotely.

Playful kittens will also love toys such as Bolt, an interactive lazer from FroliCat that is sure to provide endless fun and frolicking.


Cat-sitting – the smart way

Every cat lover knows that, as much as they may like to roam, cats are also homebodies. So when their owners are away, whether for the weekend or a longer vacation, moving feline friends temporarily out of the home may not make them very happy. Luckily, digitalization has enabled the growth of a number of platforms such as Rover which connect owners to a range of pre-vetted and approved house-sitters, a book-and-pay online system – and even email notifications and photo updates while they are away.

My cat condo is my castle

The days of the simple cat basket and scratching trees are long gone. Today’s stylish feline resides in the multi-story cat condo and graces Italian-designed modern cat furniture – and yes, there is even a luxury Suite Pet Bed, suspended from the ceiling.

Think inside the box

Subscription boxes are the latest trend from the U.S. and there are great cat subscription schemes and boxes, like from Meowbox.com, that regularly deliver boxes filled with a selection of the latest gadgets and treats to the doorstep.


Pet Shop Toys – E-commerce to the fore

Cat treats, toys, food, litter box filler – that’s a lot to take home from the store each week. It is no surprise then that e-commerce is getting ever more popular with pet owners. A survey by Packaged Facts saw 37 percent of U.S. online pet owners and shoppers agree with the statement that they are “buying pet products online more than [they] used to,” and 14 percent have made a purchase within the last seven days.

Charles Brewer, CEO DHL eCommerce agrees that pet products are one of the largest online shopping growth categories. There is an incredible selection of products for pets available online, with many products such as packaged pet foods and pet care highly suitable for online retailing. On the global level, dog and cat treats are the best performing subcategories of pet care, with cat treats even experiencing yearly double-digit growth over the past six years, he comments. In addition, there is the convenience of automatic replenishment or subscription programs for staples plus the convenience of having items delivered to the consumer’s convenience. – Michelle Bach

Published: August 2018

Images: Meowbox; Thinkstock