It builds resilience and skills, enhances knowledge, and brings joy and satisfaction – no wonder that volunteering is of ever growing importance to many people who want to do their part and give back to society. At the start of the year, DHL Express decided to celebrate and reward that spirit of giving back. The company sees highly motivated employees as one of the key pillars to its success and follows a core belief that passion and caring must be recognized and rewarded.

And so a call went out to employees across the world, encouraging individuals to come forward with their personal stories of charitable activities under the motto of “DHL’s got Heart”.

The response was tremendous. Some 400 personal stories of community engagement by employees in over 90 countries were received.  Each story demonstrated the individual’s dedication and commitment.

“We were quite overwhelmed by the response we received from employees,” says Regine Buettner, Global Head of HR, DHL Express. “DHL Express has been widely recognized for its employee engagement and we are known for having a great spirit with people who are passionate about their work, but seeing how much our employees care and give back in their personal time was astonishing.”    

Employees from six regions had an opportunity to present their volunteer projects to the company’s senior managers from across the world, with each of them winning a sizeable amount of funding for their chosen charity.

“The depth of commitment and engagement by our finalists made a lasting impression on everyone in the room,” adds Buettner, “and I believe many of our top executives went home with a renewed commitment to support volunteering. In addition, we communicated this initiative widely across our employee base globally and I firmly believe that this has greatly inspired our younger employees too, as can be seen from the great response we have had so far. For us, it is the beginning of something new. Caring is now firmly on the corporate agenda, and ‘DHL’s Got Heart’ is here to stay and will have firm place in our company DNA.” —  Michelle Bach

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Published: July 2018