Susie Goodall, the youngest of now 12 sailors in the 2018 Golden Globe Race, is celebrating her 29th birthday on July 27 in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean as she pursues a solo, non-stop circumnavigation of the three Great Capes.

It’s an epic journey: 30,000 miles across the world’s oceans, traversing across the three Great Capes without use of modern technology and navigation aids like autopilot or GPS. This means that on July 27, when Goodall turns 29, she will be celebrating her birthday in a solitude few others have ever experienced.

An offshore and ocean sailing instructor who has been sailing since the age of three, Goodall is not daunted at the prospect. With her same trusted 36ft Rustler, now named ‘DHL Starlight’ and fitted precisely to the requirements of the roughly 300 day Golden Globe journey, she once successfully completed a solo sail to the Caribbean and back.

Goodall’s first destination after departing from Les Sables d’Olonne, France was in the Canary Islands, which she passed through without stopping her sailboat to hand over personal letters, film and photography. Her birthday will be on her 27th day at sea.

The 2018 Golden Globe Race recreates the historic 1968/69 Golden Globe Yacht Race, in which English sailor Sir Robin Knox-Johnston completed the first solo circumnavigation of the world.

To keep track of Goodall and all the other racers, the Golden Globe Race offers live tracking on its website. However, in keeping with the race’s strict rules, the competitors themselves are not able to access this information unless in the case of an emergency.

Weekly updates from Susie are also available online.

If you’d like to help surprise Goodall for her birthday, use #SusieGoodall to send a birthday wish for it to be shared via DHL HF radio communications.    

Stay tuned for all updates on #SusieGoodall by following the Twitter feed or via live tracker.

Published: July 2018.

Images: DHL