The world’s first electrified road, a system capable of powering in-motion cars and trucks by means of conductive energy, is open in Sweden. The technology was developed by eRoadArlanda and is being tested in a two-year government trial to study carbon-neutral roadways. Connecting Stockholm Arlanda Airport to a logistics site, the road presently features 1.2 miles (2 kilometers) of embedded electric rail, with plans already drawn up for potential national expansion in the future.

Sweden’s target of achieving independence from fossil fuel by 2030 requires a 70 percent reduction in the transport sector.

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A magnetic arm designed for the
electrified road is fixed to a vehicle’s underside. If at all near the rail, the arm will locate and automatically lower to the rail and take in power. It disconnects automatically when exiting the lane. 


Rails connected to an energy grid are nested inside the road. 

Published: November 2018
Images/Graphics: Nils Kasiske for Delivered.