How did you get started playing football?

The DHL football tournament encouraged many women to participate, so I decided to join in 2015. The Kuwait ladies team received lots of support from management, plus coaching and time to practice, which gave me confidence and sharpened my football skills.

What do you like most about competing with your team?

I like the team spirit, our determination to win and the way we all support one another. If somebody feels less motivated or confident, everyone steps up to help them push their limits. We all enjoy the sport and have healthy competition mindsets so that we perform to the best of our abilities.

Do you have any sporting heroes; are there any sportsmen/sportswomen that inspire you?

No one specifically, I used to be a fan of David Beckham and gets lots of inspiration by reading about life story of boxer Muhammad Ali.

How did you like the tournament?

We all enjoyed the tournament, it was one of our favorite times playing as a team. The whole day was like a combination of socializing with physical activity & improving your wellbeing, while also connecting with new DHL colleagues. It’s always so well organized, and all the teams are in good spirits, supporting each other. It’s a very memorable event and makes us feel motivated and grateful to be a part of it.

Published: January 2019

Images: Laila Ayub; DHL