How did you get started playing football?

I became a football fan once I started working at DHL Express and saw the importance of teamwork. I joined the team and now train with a great group of ladies who have become my friends, not just coworkers.

What do you like most about competing with your team?

As you know, at DHL we always try to help each other to never give up and reach our goals. With such a great spirit, no one can beat us.

Do you have any sporting heroes; are there any sportsmen/sportswomen that inspire you?

It’s got to be Liverpool FC Forward Mohamed Salah, for his determination even in hopeless moments.

How did you like the tournament?

This tournament was a great experience, as well as an important opportunity to gain personal connections with all DHL MENA Employees. The games and the atmosphere united us as one spirit all over the region.

Published: January 2019

Images: Rana Barsa; DHL