How did you get started playing football?

Once the HR department announced the Football Tournament, I immediately volunteered to participate, as I’ve always enjoyed football as a spectator. It’s important to mention that, in Iran, there aren’t many chances for women to play football. I’d like to thank DHL for creating this opportunity so that I can play the sport I love.

What do you like most about competing with your team?

What I like most is the friendships I’ve made with everybody in the team. Although I’m a goal keeper, I still try to be a team member who is there to lead and motivate everyone.

Do you have any sporting heroes; are there any sportsmen/sportswomen that inspire you?

Yes. Paris Saint-Germain goal keeper, Gianluigi Buffon. I respect his impressive skills and performance, CSR activities and his attitude as a leader.

How did you like the tournament?

Words cannot express how much I loved being a part of this tournament.

Published: January 2019

Images: Zahra Mehjoubi; DHL