How did you get started playing football?

Being born and raised in Saudi Arabia, I can safely say that football is considered the number one sport across the kingdom. However, I didn’t have too many chances to turn my love for football into a habit because sports are generally male-dominated, which is a shame because football is a wonderful sport! It teaches you lessons that build your character, such as teamwork, discipline, how to cope with losing and how to share your joy in winning. All in all, it’s healthy and fun.  My first chance to play football regularly came about earlier this year through our amazing network, DHL, and for that I shall be forever grateful.

What do you like most about competing with your team?

I really felt good from the mutual support and encouragement of my teammates, which filled us all with positive energy. Although we didn’t know each other initially, building the team and training together brought us all close in friendship. We learn from each other, help build each other up and set goals which we then set off to achieve together.

Do you have any sporting heroes, are there any sportsmen/sportswomen that inspire you?

My sporting heroes are my team mates. None of our success could have happened if they weren’t there!  I hope this can be inspiring for others because it’s certainly had a huge impact on me.

How did you like the tournament?

The 2018 tournament was phenomenal to say the least, the environment was extremely fun. We were motivated with every single game and the support from our colleagues in KSA and around the network most definitely exceed our expectations.

Published: January 2019

Images: Razan AlBuhamad; DHL