Veidnes, a remote coastal village in northern Norway, was slowly disappearing. With no work or opportunities, residents were picking up and moving elsewhere – until one innovative shipping solution brought the fishing industry back to life.

The village had a huge resource of king crabs, but two obstacles: The market was over 4,000 miles away in Seoul, South Korea, and they needed to make it there fast in order to maintain their freshness and value. Svein “Svenne” Lyder, who runs fishing operation Lyder Fisk, took on this challenge with help from DHL Global Forwarding.

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Using a Boeing 747-400 cargo plane, the live crabs are taken from their home all the way around the world to South East Asia, where they are sold for an average of $11 per pound. Thanks to DHL’s extensive network, this can be done within only 20 hours. Now, the industry is saved and Veidnes’ community is restored.

Published: April 2019

Images/Graphics: DHL/Ilja C. Hendel