Five lessons to be learned from supermarkets

Oil companies are no longer divesting themselves of fuel stations. In fact, this trend has almost reversed. As International Oil Companies (IOCs) around the world start to reclaim and reimagine our fuel stations of the future, there are some very important trends from supermarket retailers to note that impact their supply chains. Here are my top five tips.

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Why Energy Companies Shouldn’t Waste a Good Crisis

There is really no need to waste a good crisis. If you look in the right places, there is plenty of potential to build business in today’s energy market, along with many new ways to generate value from the supply chain.

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Shifting focus from reserves to returns, and what this means for the NOC supply chain

Uncertainty in global oil seems to be the rule rather than the exception. Oil shocks, peak prognoses, price volatility, and intractable oversupply…in the course of more than a century the energy industry has become extremely familiar with moving goalposts. But now a new uncertainty looms on the horizon – one that particularly impacts national oil companies (NOCs).

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Image: DHL