“Customer-centric innovation" may sound like a fancy buzzword conjured up by an over stimulated marketing exec, but it’s actually a relevant and powerful force that should lie at the heart of every organization.  Customer centric innovation drives curiosity into new ideas that boost company performance and Customer success.

Establishing and maintaining constant meaningful engagement with customers is the foundation upon which strong, long-lasting relationships are forged. And this starts with listening – listening to the market, listening to the customer and even listening to the customer’s customer. Active listening is the precursor to collaboration which is why customer engagement is a priority for DHL. What’s more, we put that sentiment into action by promoting the value of customer engagement through our DHL Innovation Centers in Germany and Singapore, plus our valuable Innovation white papers and Global Sector Conferences.

Watch and listen to more of Klaus’ thoughts about customer engagement and idea sharing:

At the Innovation Centers and our Global Conferences, we provide practical platforms that bring together customers and experts from academia and industry to collaborate and cross-pollinate ideas. For instance, our recently announced 2017 Innovation Challenge calls on customers, experts , students, start-ups and pioneers worldwide to submit ideas for logistics-related challenges. For e.g.: The first challenge asks participants to create a prototype of a mobile piece-picking robot that can move through traditional warehouse rack systems, pick items and place them in a cart. And in October at the 2017 E&M Global Conference in Berlin, we’ll be discussing the transformations taking place throughout all manufacturing segments brought about by digitalization – a current “top-of-mind-topic”.  We pool these ideas and, challenges, discussions and brainstorming sessions to develop next generation solutions that add value. We believe we can only create great solutions by collaborating with others – first and foremost our customers.

And as DHL we’re going to play a very proactive role in facilitating this collaboration.”

To read more about DHL’s perspective on listening, collaboration and the future of supply chains in Engineering & Manufacturing, download the DHL Engineering & Manufacturing 2025+ white paper here.  If you would like to receive an invite to the next DHL Global E&M Conference, visit our website for more information.

For more information about the DHL Global Engineering & Manufacturing Conference 2017, click here.

Published: May 2017

Image: DHL