It’s indeed interesting to note that one of the most intriguing trends in the new 2016 edition of DHL’s Logistics Trend Radar is ‘Batch Size One’. For manufacturers, this trend reveals what is likely to happen when demand for highly customized products goes head to head with mass production.

A batch size of one could be the “end of scale” and would lead to decentralized, highly flexible production systems. This in turn will require logistics providers to be fast and flexible to react to changes in time and place of production.

From time to time, the logistics industry is shaken up by new social, business and technology trends such as Batch Size One.  Of course, it is also essential for every logistics professional to know in advance about these significant trends, and to be including them in their planning and strategy processes.

This latest edition of the Logistics Trend Radar, the third in our pioneering series, introduces and explores 26 key trends that impact the logistics industry in the next five to ten years. It also tracks the evolution of trends spotted in earlier editions and ones that have faded or become mainstream since the series started in 2013.

Please enjoy this read, and let us know your views on these developing trends.

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Published: April 2016

Image: DHL