For companies aiming to stay ahead of their competition by transforming their supply chains and innovate we’ve published a new edition of the DHL Logistics Trend Radar.

This highly regarded and dynamic tool includes an in-depth analysis of emerging trends and their potential impact on supply chains, and provides examples of companies that are already putting these trends into practice. The 2016 Logistics Trend Radar also features a review of ongoing trends plus insights from industry thought-leaders on the future of logistics. It also highlights transformative pilot projects from DHL Trend Research, such as DHL’s testing of collaborative robots in warehouse operations.

One new concept of particular interest to Engineering & Manufacturing organizations is that of intelligent supply chains using self-learning or ‘machine learning’ systems – these systems will improve their own algorithms to achieve autonomous data-driven optimization in logistics. What’s the concrete impact of this likely to be? In less than half a decade, we could see supply chains supporting previously unimaginable levels of optimization along the entire value chain and being a real differentiator for Engineering & Manufacturing companies.

To support and inspire your future supply chain strategy, download your copy of the DHL Logistics Trend Report today.

Published: April 2016

Image: DHL