Logistics managers in life sciences: Making the case for logistics as an enabler

Traditionally, logistics has tended to receive relatively little air time in board meetings, and it’s perhaps not difficult to see why.

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Sweat the Asset: Making the Most of Your 15 Minutes of Fame

Starting out in our careers, most of us hope to become experts – we pick a particular field and set our sights on becoming smarter than everyone else.

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The connected warehouse: A digitalized future for the life sciences & healthcare supply chain

The warehouse or distribution center is ‘Mission Control’ for life sciences and healthcare logistics.

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2 logistics services needs that technology and life sciences have in common

In my current role as President of the Life Sciences & Healthcare Sector at DHL, one thing is proving particularly useful – my background in technology.

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Healthcare industry using clinical sampling to fight LATAM’s battle of the bulge

Demographic and nutritional changes in Latin American (LATAM) have established obesity as a widespread condition.

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e-Commerce will have to keep up with LATAM’s senior citizens!

A new trend is picking up pace across Latin America (LATAM). Demographic change is accelerating as Latin Americans age at a faster rate than any other population on the planet...

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4 reasons why Asia Pacific is growing into a relevant economic driver for Life Sciences & Healthcare

Over several years of favorable growth conditions, the Life Sciences and Healthcare (LSH) industry gradually matured across the region, becoming a hosting platform for the majority of LSH key players today.

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